Historical Mysteries That Might Never Be Solved

There are few mysteries in history that may not be solve ever. This could be due to the fact that some important excavated material is lost or the site has been destroyed completed. It is very difficult to get the lost evidence back and agree to what happened. Here are some of the mysteries that remains unanswered.

Jack The Ripper
During the year 1988, Jack the Ripper was estimated to have killed at least five women. He committed these acts in London and further mutilated their bodies. He also sent taunting letters to police officers who were investigating who he is. It is believed that the name Jack the Ripper was given based on these letters from him. Of course, he was never found and the true identity of the ripper remains a mystery.

Cleopatra’s Tomb
According to the historical writers, Cleopatra and her lover Mark Antony were buried in a tomb together during the year 30 BC. However, the tomb was never located. The tomb which was estimated to be located somewhere near a temple of Isis who is an Egyptian goddess. It is believed that the tomb hosts many treasures of gold, ebony, pears and silver. Where the tomb is located remains a mystery till date. Archaeologists believe that even if the tomb has survived, it must be unidentifiable due to age.

JFK’s Killer
One of the biggest mystery in history will be the person who shot John F. Kennedy to death in Dallas during the year 1963. Lee Harvey Oswald who is believed to be the shooter was killed at a a nightclub by the owner Jack Ruby. Ruby also succumbed to his battle of Lung Cancer in 1967 and died. There are only many explanations on what could have happened and many historians have come up with their own ideas and theories on the same. But the real reason remains unidentified.

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