Understanding The Science Behind Selfies

No one is an exception when it comes to taking selfies. Many people who take selfies are often labelled as self-obsessed. However, a recent research has proved that there are three types of selfie addicts and not everyone can be termed as narcissists.

A study was conducted recently with more than 75% of the population being women. Participants were asked to answer more than 50 statements stating whether agree, disagree or have a neutral opinion about each statement.

After this, the participants were asked to rank each statement on a scale of 11 depending on their own beliefs. Finally, the participants were asked more questions about the statements to which they agreed.

The result of the research showed that there are three types of who love taking selfies.

These are people who take selfies for the purpose of sharing it and to engage themselves in a conversation. The communicators use selfies as a platform for engaging themselves in conversation and communicate in a new manner. The communicators chose statements that meant they love taking selfies to show people where they are and to show what they are doing.

Self-Publicists use selfies for showing off and sharing places. One of the main reasons they share selfies is as a mean of maintaining their personal image. Their intention is not to mingle with other but to establish their self-image. The purpose of taking selfies is to show the world who they are and sharing selfies makes people accept them as themselves are some of the statements that the self-publicists agreed to.

The Auto biographers
For these people, selfies are a way of creating chronicles or stories of themselves. It is way to record memories is what auto biographers believe in. They are very different from communicators and self-publicists in the way that they do not take selfies for showing other what they are doing or getting themselves into a conversation.

What kind of a selfie-addict are you?

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