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Big Bang Theory Continues To Woo

Many are surprised by the success of show “The Big Bang Theory” and others are just happy. There are many reasons why people love this show. The show redefines the term popular. With over 18 million viewers and still counting, it is one of the most watched shows on American Television. The show was nominated multiple times for the best comedy series at the Emmys and it has lost to Modern Family consistently.

While many critics feel that the laugh-track comedy style is a little outdated, the viewers seem to think otherwise. The number of viewers have gone up consistently which makes it a block buster among fans not just in United States but across the globe.

The mainstream of the show is the geek culture. It has many references to Schrodinger’s cat, string theory and Star Trek. Since this is the age of geek, many are able to connect with big bang theory. It helps audiences to identify themselves among the geek world. Another reason for success is that they seem to be everywhere from cable to televisions and repeats are being telecast all the time. Many admit that they watch the repeats almost all the time.

No matter what the critics believe in, the show continues to rule. For those of you who do not like it, Bazinga!

Best Moments From The Academy Awards

Academy awards is one of the most followed nights across the globe. In case you have missed the show this year, here are some highlights from the academy awards 2016.

For a long time, people wanted Leonardo di Caprio to win an Oscar. Although he was nominated many times, it won’t be false to say there was some sort of curse that stopped him from winning. This year though, he did win the Best Actor award for his role in The Revenant. Everyone was overjoyed for his victory and Kate Winslet was a proud friend when he gave his acceptance speech.

Lady Gaga ruled the stage with her performance of song “Till it happens to you”. She was introduced by Vice President Joe Biden. The highlight of the performance was that she held hands with people who have survived sexual abuse. The cast of “The Spotlight” came forward to accept the award when it was chosen as the Best Picture. It was heart-warming sight to see the entire cast coming on to the stage.

Brie Larson was excited as she won the Best Actress award for her role in the move Room. Alejandro Innarritu won the Best Director award for the movie The Revenant.

As always the ceremony was a star studded affair with the actors and actresses looking ravishing in the red carpet.